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#226 Rattlesnakes, Bears, and The Great Outdoors - Kevin Grunewald

#226 Rattlesnakes, Bears, and The Great Outdoors - Kevin Grunewald

Kevin Grunewald ( is a Colorado-based conservationist, hunter, and angler. His winding career path in conservation biology has seen him teaching students how to trap bats in the outback of Australia, guiding clients to experience bear country in Alaska, dissecting Zebrafish embryos in a university laboratory in Wisconsin, and, most recently, conducting and sharing the benefits of sound, ecological land stewardship practices on nature preserves in California and Colorado. In his current role as a Land Steward with The Nature Conservancy, Kevin works and lives at a remote field station and nature preserve called Phantom Canyon. He spends his days working in, exploring, and sharing the wonder of the natural landscapes that he aspires to conserve.

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