What a great episode of. I can relate to his experience in that I also was about to drown, in my case as a kid. I, as he mentioned too, got to a point of just giving up and accepting what was coming. You kind of give up not felling hopeless, but accepting. Crazy!

Years later, I also had a serious drinking habit, that translated into a serious habit of a pre-workout (of all things).

The worst thing is feeling that you are alone in that kind of situation (once you realize you have a problem), even when you live with someone else who loves you. I grew up surrounded by addicts and that feeling was predominant amongst them, and I used to think, "How can you feel alone if there are so many like you?" But I didn't know any better.

For so many people with this issue, it is crazy that one feels so alone, as if you where the only inhabitant in an empty universe. And quitting is like you found is alternative universe with someone else, and all of a sudden you are not alone. Of course each experience is different, and I'm just talking based on mine.

Talking about it helps. And sometimes it helps others understand that they are not alone. You ended up the episode asking about how others can support him, and it might as well be the other way around; his story as support to others that are going through a similar situation. Maybe.

Gracias por compartir!

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Dec 2, 2023Liked by Kyle Thiermann

Thanks for the shoutout! Listening to your discussions always reminds me of growing up in SC County. Keep up the great work.

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Dec 14, 2023·edited Dec 14, 2023

Hi Juan…

Life is beautiful, one day at a time, sometimes. Thanks for your openness.

My name is jennifer, my son died that day in the accident. Honestly the podcast was extremely hard for me. I didn’t listen to it. But some feedback from friends and family told me how intense it was. Set me back 17 years, in ways. Maybe forever changing their ‘go to’ photo of my son.

There are ways of getting the story told without potentially hurting the family involved and at the same time getting support from the community.

Surfing was my sons true passion. Whether he was 17 or 99 , I know that’s what he would be doing to his last day.

Life is short, find your Passion, catch a wave for my son.

Stay strong!

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This podcast is insensitive to the family’s loss. I do not wish on any Mother to hear such description of her child’s death , on a podcast 17 years later. There are ways of telling the story and getting support from the community without hurting the family involved.

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