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Of course it’s stood the test of time. For now. Yes, many of us lazy Westerners (for lack of a better term) can order whatever crap we wanted. Last night I felt lazy as hell and ordered a Round Table Pizza. At least I skated up to get it only being a few blocks away. It was both delicious and pathetic. And it least it was only a mini size.

But just the kindness shown between Santiago and the boy in the opening pages is something that we should never tire of or find outdated.

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Kia Ora Kyle! Been on a trip in the Aoraki Mt. Cook National park ( New-Zealand) ,

split boarding and fishing for big wild Salmons! This place is mint brah!!

Been listening to the old man and the sea on audible watching the most epic sunsets!

Now for the Question, I most definitely think the book has stood the test of time.

Not to deny that our lifestyle has become more and more automated and comfortable as a whole, witch can be put to our advantage in between some Type 2 adventures as you call them! Hence why its primordial to get out there and use our brains and body’s as a tool as often as we can!

The old man’s batte with the Marlin is a great reflection of self accomplishment and endurance. And I think there still a lot of Rogue character’s out there willing to put in the work for that ultimate reward! And shit, most times, trough the struggle its a bloody good time!

Yeww 🤙

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I get the Type 2. It doesn’t have to be extreme but it can be so rewarding after. That’s why I like backpacking and hiking. It’s hard but you get constant beauty and awe. It’s the Type 3 stuff that is crazy. That’s some David Goggins level shit. Unnecessary for me.

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The Santa Cruz half Ironman was today and I went down and watched a bit. Those mofos must have something in them to enjoy the challenge and endure. Michael z Easter wrote a book called the Comfort Crisis and it’s all about embracing difficult things as a path to greater living.

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