The final part, "Zookeeping," is one I had to chew on for awhile. Surreal and metaphorical, I guess the last paragraphs: I sleep with other animals in cages and in dens, down rabbit holes, on tufts of hay.

They adorn me, these animals--lay me down, paw me, own me--crown me prince of their rank jungles. 'Upright, upright,' I say, I slur, I vow.'" is supposed to show hope and resilience. He is an animal but he's been through some shit and will fight for himself and the others.

Thanks, Kyle, for the book club. I got to read or reread some books I never would have. I like how it centered on quick books, so they were easy to read at some point in a month. It wasn't some weekly slog that made you feel bad if you didn't get through it.

I listened to your latest podcast where you said you were pausing it and going to do questions instead since people come to hear your thoughts. That's true but one way to accomplish that would be by writing more about your thoughts or answering questions you present about the book. You asked questions and hoped for us to share but why not write your opinions of the reading? Maybe it would encourage more engagement because people could agree or disagree or give their take. I'd like to know what passages stood out to you. Anyways, just my 2 cents. It will be fun to check your new question format, maybe it's the "pivot" that you need. But if you ever bring back Super Badass Short Quick Novel Book Club, I'm down! Rant over...

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